Joust Gladiator Interactive

Joust Gladiator Interactive


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Actual Size: 26L X 18W X 4H

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  • Weekend: $349.99 (Friday-Monday) +20% if Holiday
  • Weekday: $349.99 (Monday-Friday) +20% if Holiday

Step into the arena and experience the excitement of our Joust Gladiator Interactive! Inspired by the gladiator arena, this bout-by-bout game pits two players against each other on individual pedestals. Armed with soft and light joust sticks, contestants attempt to dethrone their opponent in a thrilling battle of skill and balance. The objective? Be the "last man standing."

The Joust Gladiator is a crowd-pleaser and one of our most rented inflatable units. Suitable for all ages, this game guarantees fun and excitement for participants and spectators alike. Surrounding onlookers get front-row seats as the walls are lowered, providing a live-action view from the sides.

This adrenaline rush of a game is made safe with its bouncy vinyl material, ensuring a harm-free experience for all participants. Ideal for various events, including church events, school functions, fundraisers, corporate gatherings, employee appreciation days, grand openings, graduation parties, and much more!

Bring the thrill of the gladiator arena to your event with the Joust Gladiator Interactive. Contact Bounce N Around today to elevate the excitement and create lasting memories for your guests!

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